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Interface description

Internet Exchange INDX – is a trading platform which gives the registered Traders different opportunities:

  • the direct access to the trading processes without getting registered with the brokerage company;
  • leveraged and short-term transactions;
  • no service fee.
INDX interfaces is available in Russian and English.

General information

  • All transactions at the Exchange are effected in accordance with orderssubmitted by Traders. To purchase the instrument, submit the purchase order; and to sell the instrument, submit the sale order.
  • All data on INDX is updated every 10 seconds.
  • The order can be executed in whole or in part if the matching orders are available. The order will stay in the order book till it is executed or deleted by the Trader.
  • If the Trader offers the price that is worse than the price of the already submitted order, the transaction will be executed at the price of the order submitted earlier.

    Example: If you submit the purchase order at the price 1.2, and in the order book there is the sale order at the price 1.1. Your order will be executed at the price 1.1.

  • If there are several orders at the same price, the one that was submitted earlier will be executed first.
  • If you edit the order the old order will be deleted, and a new one submitted. Depending on your settings the order can be deleted either at the beginning of editing (by default), or when the editing is finished.
  • When the order is submitted, the respective funds are blocked. The amount in WMZ shown in the purchase order will be blocked on your account. The quantity of notes shown in the sale order will be blocked on your account. When the order is deleted, the funds are unblocked. If the Trader doesn't have enough assets (WMZ or notes) he can use the Margin Lending.

    Example: If you have 10 notes, you can not guarantee two sell orders for 8 notes each: to do that you need 16 notes. INDX will offer you to borrow 6 notes on condition that you will return them by the end of the day.

    For more details on margin lending go here.

How to add/withdraw funds

  • You can top up your account on the page My account. The WebMoney commission fee of 0.8% will be applied.
  • You can only withdraw funds which are not blocked to guarantee your orders. To withdraw all funds, you need to delete all your purchase orders.
  • If you use margin lending, your account will be blocked till you repay all debts (the margin level should be 100%).

How to submit an order

All orders are submitted on the page Trades. Also here you can select the required instrument and check the order book. The position of the Trader, the list of his orders and transactions (5 latest transactions within one hour) are displayed here as well.
  • To submit the order open the order book, select the instrument and click "show the order book".
  • There are two ways to place the order: click "Purchase" or "Sell", or click on someone else's order.
  • In the opened dialogue window you can change the order direction (purchase or sell), its price and quantity of notes. You can see the quantity of notes in your portfolio and your account balance.
  • If you click on someone else's order it means that you want to place your order in this place. The price of your order will be the same as the price of the order you clicked on.
  • If you click on someone else's order and press Alt, it means that you want to sell (buy) notes up to that order and including. The price of your order will be the same as the price of the order you clicked on, and the order direction will be opposite.

How to review history and statistics

The following statistics is available:
  • On the page Statistics the information on the stock quotation is displayed.
  • If you click on the instrument name, the page "Instrument details" opens; here you can see the price chart and trade volume per days and hours.
  • On the page My statistics you can see the history of your transactions on INDX.
  • On the page History of transactions you can see the history of all todays transactions.
  • Besides that on the page My account you can see all transactions on adding/withdrawal funds.

How to contact administration

On the page Messages you can send the message to the Broker. With technical questions contact the support team.
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