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INDX Trader Agreement

INDX Agreement

I have read and understood the INDX Rules, and agree with the following:

  1. I take all responsibility for any risks arising from the choice of financial resources and the corresponding trading strategy;
  2. I bear the financial risks that can arise due to the use of program interfaces:
    • software failures, and pure Internet connection at the Trader’s site;
    • hardware failures at the Trader’s site;
    • wrong settings of the Trader’s interface;
    • late update of the Trader’s interface;
    • misunderstanding of the INDX Rules
  3. I take all responsibility for non-disclosure of confidential information, and I bear all risks of financial losses in case the third parties have access to my trading account;
  4. I bear the risks of the financial losses arising from force majeure;
  5. I bear financial and other risks in case when execution of transactions is forbidden or limited by the legislation of the country of my permanent residence.

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