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About INDX

Internet Exchange INDX is an online tool created by INDX Transactions LTD.

Any Trader registered with INDX can sell/purchase instruments without opening the account in the brokerage office. The exchange between instruments and WM title units is carried out between the Traders when the transaction is made. INDX itself doesn’t participate in the transaction and only provides the technical capability to guarantee the execution of transactions.

Via INDX one can trade derivative securities called NOTES, which are secured by:

  • shares of Russian Joint Stocking Companies;;
  • shares of foreign companies;
  • other assets.
The Note has the conditional nominal value set by the Broker when registering the instrument.

INDX allows making leveraged and short-term transactions during one exchange day.

Service fees:

  • commission fee for any executed transaction - 0;
  • no service fee;
  • the WebMoney commission fee of 0,8% is applied when adding funds to the Trader’s account.

The funds can de added/withdrawn at any time during the Trading session. All funds accumulated on the account are available to the Trader, except those cases when the Trader has debts. All restrictions on funds withdrawal are cancelled once the borrowed assets are repaid.

INDX is an effective training tool for beginners, as no service charges are applied.

Dividends. Traders who have the notes of the instruments secured by the shares of open joint-stock companies in their portfolios, can receive dividends proportionally to the quantity of notes, if such dividends are paid by the JSC company.

Working time. All auctions with the instruments from the moment of their placing till the moment of execution are performed in the 24/7/365 mode with a technical break from 23:45 till 00:00 of the next day according to the Central European time or from 1:45 till 2:00 Moscow time.

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